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In the modern age,

your image is everything

playing a direct role in the way your audience,

peers, & industry connects

receive & interact with your work


This starts

at the core of your identity 

and branches out into everything in your universe 

your story is the foundation for industry success.

build, establish,

& grow your universe

supported by actionable courses

& 1 on 1 coaching+execution alongside industry experts


Be Heard

Promotion with your music

at the forefront

secure placements on thoughtfully curated top editorial playlists & Broadcast Radio Stations

spanning major & niche genres.

We have a longstanding track record of achieving organic placements

Through our strong relationships with talent Scouts and their teams.

Be Seen

NR Studios targeted lists of

top Press Platforms, tastemakers

& Talent Scouts

to align with each of our Artists.



ad campaigns (Digital, Streaming, Billboard)

press campaigns - worldstar,above the language partners

influencer campaigns


Connecting artists with booking agents 


driving overall brand recognition and growth.

Customized Rollout

We work together to create multi-faceted Release campaigns.

Targeting + engaging listeners both new & old

alongside Key influencers & platforms

This campaign is designed

to release your project at its maximum potential.

we will create seasonal and ongoing brand messaging and employ creative storytelling both online and in print 

While leveraging our industry relationships

to secure timely press opportunities

in line with launches,  trends, and buzzworthy headlines.

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